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When would I use Descriptive.Link?

Most URLs are difficult to read, so sending a "descriptified" link encourages friends, clients, and other viewers to open your shared link since it's now user-friendly and clear! You are able to demystify, add a teaser, pose a question, or simply say: "Check this out!" in the actual link. You might find that your "descriptified" URL replaces your entire email!

Suppose you want to share this link to this YouTube video: The link by itself has no context.

Simply paste that URL above and then type "This is a cool YouTube video I think you would like, totally not a Rick Roll!!" to create the URL:

Perhaps you like shopping at Amazon or Ebay and want to share something great with a friend. Instead of sharing a long, convoluted link:

"Descriptify it" and simply call it:

But don't many URL shorteners already let you use keywords in your shortened URLs?

They do, but some charge for this service, and most require you to sign up for an account. We also encourage you to make your URLs as long and as descriptive as possible.

Can I use Descriptive.Link as an affiliate link cloaker?

There are no restrictions to what kind of links you can create. Your original URL will be completely preserved. We reserve the right to remove illegal or otherwise distasteful content.

Can I use my own domain for a Descriptive.Link?

Yes. Please get in touch to find out how:

Do you have a WordPress plugin available?

Not at this time. Please drop us a line to let us know that you're interested in one!

How can I decode a Descriptive.Link without visiting it?

Click here to decode an existing Descriptive.Link.

Do my links ever go away?

Right now once you've claimed a phrase, it will not go away. We may begin recycling phrases after a while if they haven't been used after a long period of time.

Can I see how many times my link has been clicked and from where?

Yes, this feature is coming soon!

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